These invitations, like all created at in Print can be modified in size, shape, papers, ribbons and reflect your style, needs, desires and budget.

A four way folded envelopement comes out of an outer envelope and features a diamond shaped tab with the bridal couple’s initials. Upon opening each flap, the guest is treated to a richly textured ginwashi liner that also unfolds to the four layer invitation inside. The ginwashi is used again on the invitation, complementing a pearl layer and enhancing the traditional use of an ecru card. Accessory pieces are backed with pearl.

This simple, elegant invitation is adorned with a rice paper overlay, imprinted with a Japanese character and attached to the invitation with imported Japanese paper. The same paper is then used to line the envelope as well as accent the accessory pieces.

This classically designed invitation is an embossed panel foldover with a delicate mulberry liner and appliqué. The double happiness character and Chinese and English text inside are all offset printed in burgundy ink. The envelope is lined with richly colored matching unryu paper.

A gold plated grape charm adds a creative twist to this classic wedding invitation. Four papers merge together to form an elegantly thin gold accent, a ginwashi border, a heavy linen backing and printed layer. A soft chiffon ribbon captures the focus of the grape embellishment…perfect for a winery wedding!

Letterpress printing enriches this invitation beyond belief. Letterpress, a method of printing that has traditionally been done by artisans, by hand, has emerged as one of the most requested components by discriminating brides. This invitation features a graphic drawn by the groom (a traditional Indian design) repeated throughout all the wedding pieces. A paper imported from India lines the envelope.

Featuring an Indian icon of the ganesh on a vellum overlay, this invitation takes a traditional motif to a new level. Accented with a block printed middle layer and matching envelope liner, the heavy flat card is a wonderful blend of Indian colors and style and contemporary design. The gold printed icon captures and repeats the shimmer of gold found in the Indian motif paper.

This gate-folded invitation invites the guest to open it up and behold it’s magic. Inside one finds a sheer vellum layer with Korean wording that matches the English printed behind it. By using screens to print three shades of green, the bride was able to capture the lovely hues that were carried through to her wedding day. The icon used on the front tab was repeated on all accompanying accessory pieces.

Autumn colors, a real (preserved) fantasia bloom and heavily textured papers bring the glorious outdoors of the wedding venue to the hands of each guest. Enveloped with a double faced ripple paper wrap and sealed in a translucent envelope, this intriguing invitation “demands” opening! Choices of preserved flowers are numerous, reflecting the seasons of love and romance.

A delicate ecru rice paper, embellished with a preserved oak leaf opens to unveil a deckle edged invitation. This classically simple paper is richly textured and is available in several weights. A scan of the leaf complements the invitation as well as all of the accessory pieces.

The tulips, arranged and photographed especially for this bride, were the focus of both the invitation and the entire wedding day. Printed on sheer vellum, the tulips veiled the text and set the tone for the special day. A middle accent layer pulled in a sage green color that was also being used in all aspects of the wedding. The sage envelope lining was the first clue of a warm garden wedding two months away.

Showcasing both hand calligraphy text and hand water-colored flowers, this invitation awaits the bride who appreciates fine artistry. The italic hand was chosen to compliment the casual feeling of the hand painted pansies. Printed on imported English 350 gram art paper, this artistic gem is perfect for both the elegant as well as casual outdoor wedding.

This Bar Mitzvah invitation has four layers of dramatic papers, including a middle layer of paper-thin cork, and a top layer of translucent vellum. The vellum overlay is printed in brown ink and contains a Hebrew prayer. The invitation folds on itself to form an envelopment, which contains all the accessories. It closes with a four layer tab that is both decorative and functional.

Open a rather plain square envelope, but delight in finding an envelopment, lined with an imported decorative paper and embellished with a brass heart and gold organdy ribbon… thus creating a presentation that feels like a gift when opened by the wedding guest. Inside, the invitation repeats layers of gold and decorative papers in a contemporary square format. Accessory pieces have accent strips of matching papers used throughout.

This elegant design pulls together a traditional concept and adds a contemporary twist. By tying the knot (no pun intended) on the vertical, a sleek, sophisticated feeling is achieved. The vellum overlay adds a romantic light feel and can be left blank or printed with a monogram or special motif. This four layer invitation uses 110 pound stock, thus creating a rich, heavy feel of elegance and formality. Accessory pieces are printed on heavy stock and mounted on a silver backing piece.

This hand made in the U.S., hand molded, deckle edged paper is much richer and thicker than the typical Thai and Indian imported papers. The paper itself can be custom ordered with any type or color of embedded petal. One can even send flowers to the artisan for inclusion in a wide choice of colored papers. A vellum overlay is used for the text and the gate fold is tied closed with a soft organdy ribbon. Accessories include a heavy stock with an accent of the flower infused paper.